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                     We are taking a break from classes and will update when they resume.

  Past Classes

Lisa Szilagyi and Vickey Miellie met at WWU while persuing their Degree in Social Work.  After working in the field for 15 years, they decided it was time for a change.  Wild at Heart opened it's doors in January of 2006.  Lisa and Vickey credit their past experience in social work to the success  of their business.  Wild at Heart provides a comfortable atmosphere and knowledgeable staff to adults who want to explore their sexuality.
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A Woman Owned Sex Shop
This place is awesome, especially for
those of us
that are shy...

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Educational Workshops
The Glory of Glass, w/ Maria Yates

Glass sex toys have been around for a while. They're gorgeous to look at, blending form and function into gorgeous works of sensual art. There are a lot of questions people have about glass as a sex toy material: Are they safe? Are they fun? How do you use them and why would you want to?
The earliest dildos were made of stone, metal, and glass and some date back as far as 28,000 years! Learn the fun facts and answers to all your questions- silly, serious or sexy- at this hands-on workshop and discussion.
Speed Bondage w/ Twisted Monk

Want to make your bondage hot? Make it look effortless while creating an intense connection? Frustrated with learning knots and fumbling with what the bunny is supposed to do once it goes around the tree? Then join Monk of rope maker, performer and self-styled "rock & roll rope top" for this fun and informative workshop. Learn both the practical tricks as well as mental tools to take your bondage from frustration to fantastic.

We'll cover: ties for speed and simplicity; intent, connection and focus when tying; more than hands- using your whole body; improvisation and what to do when you goof.
The Why & How of Red Hot Aural Sex w/ Redhead Bedhead

What if I told you there was something that could make your sex hotter, more fun, more satisfying and help eliminate awkwardness in first time encounters? You're intrigued, right? You totally want to know what this thing is, right? Okay, I'm going to tell you. Ready? It's talking! The old "silence is sexy" dating script helps no one -let's end mediocre sex with words. I'll show you everything you miss out on when you worry that talking will "ruin the moment".
You'll learn the tools you need to bring consent, communication and straight-up dirty talk together to result in amazing sex!
Sizable Orgasms: Comfort, Confidence and Pleasure for All Body Types

We all know confidence is sexy, but in a society that spends $20 billion a year trying to convince us we need to lose weight, it's hard to look in the mirror and love what you see. This workshop will give you tips, mantras and emotional exercises to work through the self-doubts and own your body, whatever shape or size it is.

Once the emotional is covered, the workshop will delve into the physical aspects of sex at different sizes, including positions that work better for larger bodies, how to work around protruding bones on smaller bodies, ways to conserve energy and prolong sex, ideas for couples with a major difference in height, and other proven sex tips. We will end with a Q&A session where Lauren will answer your personal questions and help troubleshoot any sexual problems you may be having due to self-confidence or body type issues.
Cock Confidence w/ Sinclair Sexsmith

Many of us have experience with strapping on, packing, and playing, but there are lots of new products out there on the market that might be exciting and that you haven't encountered yet. Writer and sex educator Sinclair Sexsmith talk about what cocks are good for packing, what options are out there for pack-and-play, which harnesses are the most loved, and which to avoid.

We'll delve into some cock confidence, getting into the psychology of penetration, and discussing what it's like to shoot from the hip. Come get the nuts and bolts of strapping it on and fucking. You'll learn about positions and lube, how different products work, what "cock confidence" means, and the psychology behind strapping on and playing with a cock with a partner, or with oneself.
Queering Power Dynamics w/ Sinclair Sexsmith

Top, bottom, switch, and everything in between: many of us like to explore what it's like to give up or take power in our sex play. Some of us even like to play with psychological domination and submission. Let's explore 24/7 role play or domination and submission.

What happens when we incorporate identities like "Daddy" from the leather community? What could other age play roles of bigs and littles, Daddies and Mommies, boys and bois and girls and grrrls, have to offer us as we seek deeper and more fulfilling sex explorations?
Take It Off! Burlesque Basics for the Bedroom

A perfect intro to the art of the STRIP and the TEASE!

In this class we will cover (and uncover) every tantalizing tenet of burlesque. Students will learn the essentials to creating a successful striptease for the boudoir and beyond. We will create a character, cover the body of vintage burlesque movements, play with poses and postures, and flirt with facial expressions.
Gloves, Stockings, and Sex

Add to your arsenal of tease with a dozen different ways to take off your gloves and become a master of the elegant and sumptuous stocking peel!
Minimalism: Ebi, Hogtie, and More with Short Ropes
Sunday, February 9th 7-9pm
$20/Individual, $30/Pair, $40/Triad - pre-registration
$25 per-person - at the door
Registration through Brown Paper Tickets:

There are plenty of resources available on how to do comfortable bondage. This ain't that class. In this class we will reduce several popular floorwork ties to their bare minimum, using as little rope as possible. This is not hojojitsu (but you should totally study up on that as well!).

Some of these ties can be done with as little as 10', most with 15', and a few are much improved with 20'.
Be aware that if you need to modify the behind the back wrist ties to compensate for limited flexibility, you may need to bump up the length you use. Since ropes only come in two sizes (too short and too long), you can do any of these ties with an 8 meter or 30' piece of rope, and leave the rest dangling.
These ties can be done on all body types where the bottom's hands can be placed anywhere behind their back. add text.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, and bring rope for the floorwork we will be doing during the class. Recommended rope:
- One or more pieces of 4mm or 6mm natural fiber rope in 15-30 foot lengths.

You should already know how to do a single and double column tie.

This workshop is open to all regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship status.

Workshop attendees also get a 15% discount on any regular store merchandise while they're at the workshop.

About the Presenter: PopeBacon is an Eagle Scout, Pervert, and Bondage Geek. Rope and knots have been part of his life since childhood. He has spent the last several years studying efficiency, speed, and building erotic connections with his rope bondage. toxt.
Backdoor Basics w/ Dr. Dick

$20/Individual, $30/Pair, $40/Triad - pre-registration
$25 per-person - at the door
Registration through Brown Paper Tickets:

Learn the ins and outs of anal pleasure in this introductory class to backdoor fun. Anal play is a source of curiosity for many, but often surrounded by fear that it's gonna be painful, or worse- messy. This class will help answer those questions and put those fears to rest.

We'll cover a wide variety of topics, including:

- Anal anatomy
- Preparation and hygeine
- Lubes, toys, and safer sex
- Beginner booty play
- All-important warm-up techniques
- Anal sex myths and misconceptions
- and so much more!
We all have one, lets relax and enjoy it!

This workshop is open to all regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship status.

Workshop attendees also get a 15% discount on any store merchandise while they're at the workshop.

Presented by Richard Wagner, Ph.D., ACS. has been working in the sex field for over 30 years, predominately as a therapist. During that time he's been involved in all sorts of sex education and sexual enrichment projects. One such outlet is his online sex advice column that he's been writing for the past 17 years. During that time it has been syndicated on a number of sites. Seven years ago he decided to create his own site to give my column and weekly podcasts a home of their own:

Dr. Dick believes sexual wellbeing is more than simply being able to perform. It is also means taking responsibility for one's eroticism as an integral part of one's personality and involvement with others. Between the extremes of total sexual repression and relentless sexual pursuit, a person can find that unique place, where she/he is free to live a life of self-respect, enjoyment and love. xt.